This is a journal of my thoughts and recipes as I get back to eating 100% raw foods. If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section, I will do my best to respond quickly. Welcome!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Current Status

Good evening. :)

I picked up a few raw foods tonight on my way home from work.  I plan on starting my raw food journey once again… TOMORROW MORNING!

Eating raw is really a lifestyle.  It can be done in stages, cold turkey all at once, whatever works for you, but make no mistake about it, this isn't something one does willy nilly.  ;)

It is a completely different way of eating from the average American, but the benefits are amazing.

I have personally experienced:

  • Clear Skin (struggle with acne normally)
  • Amazing Health (no colds)
  • More Energy (struggle with fatigue normally)
  • Lighter Easier Cycles
  • MAJOR WEIGHT LOSS (I have hypothyroidism and was able to lose 63 pounds in 8 months)
You are probably asking yourself, why would I give up all these great changes to eat anything?  Eating raw didn't start over night and going back to eating S.A.D. didn't either.  I gradually went both ways.

Having been raw before, I know how and have simply been working up to the mental change.  It is a lifestyle change.  It is different, no normal bread.  No meats.  No cooked foods.  No cheese.  These are difficult things to give up.   But when you are mentally embracing the changes, it is easier.  When you have eaten 100% raw foods for a while, your tastebuds change and you start really craving the yummy goodness that is raw food!  You start feeling great, skin clears, you have tons of energy and weight starts falling off.

The cons.  Yes, the lack of certain food groups… these are cons while you and your body get used to the changes.  There are others.


  • Give your body a chance to adjust to all the fiber.  (I will leave it at that.)  Takes a little while.
  • Family meals-Take Out-Holidays  (These normally exciting events become a challenge.  You may find yourself making several meals.  One for you, one for your family.  You might be the only person not getting the Pizza that was just delivered.  You might have to cook a Turkey, gravy and potatoes… without eating a bite!)
  • Eventually getting side-effects if you do indulge in cooked foods here and there.  
Explanation below:  My journey began in raw back in February 2006.  I started with just a raw breakfast.  Weeks I went on like this until I was more than comfortable eating raw breakfast always.  Then I added in lunches.  Monday through Friday for months to come it was raw breakfast and lunch with dinner as a family.  I was losing weight, lots of energy and feeling great!  I started adding dinners in.  Monday through Friday I was 100% raw all day long.  I'd enjoy my weekends eating out and visiting with family and friends.  Pretty soon I was down to a Sunday meal out with the family as I felt better eating raw.  It took me a couple days at the beginning of the week to feel normal after the weekend splurging.

Then.  After a short period of time.  Cooked foods once a week would, crazy as it sounds, put me to sleep.  Seriously.  It was like an instant sleep drug.  My husband would bring me home after lunch out with the family on a Sunday afternoon and I would fall fast asleep on the couch for 3 hours!  It was so dramatic, my husband was the one to ask me to give up the cooked foods altogether.   THIS IS THE CON I MENTIONED ABOVE.  The side-effect of eating 100% raw for me… was that anything less put me fast to sleep.

I found it easy to eat raw over other foods.

So… how did I fall away?  Why did it take so many years to get back to it?   Easy.  I had a major life change.  I went back to work full time.  :)  The stress I felt as a working mom, trying to balance everything, I gave up exercising… there was no time.  I slowly did the opposite of what is listed above.  It was too much work for me to cook several meals for everyone and still make my own foods.  So, I gave up raw dinners.  Back to S.A.D. one meal by one meal.

Until I ate a normal American diet and had gained all my weight back.

My oldest daughter graduated this year.  My youngest does in just three.  I have settled into a very peaceful job title, that I know well.  Life has opened back up for me to start caring more about myself.  My health and spiritual life are taking on a new significance once again and I started exercising.  I'm mentally ready for the change that raw foods brings.

Pop back in and see how the journey goes…. I hope to inspire you to health, vitality and living life more abundantly! :)

Raw Foods!

Picture of Raw Bagels going into Dehydrator!

If you are asking yourself, "What is Raw Food?" this is the blog for you!  :)  I started eating 100% raw foods in 2006.  I continued at 100% until 2008 when I started eating high raw and eventually slid back to my S.A.D. way of eating.

All of these terms may be new to you.  I will explain.

Raw Foods:
All nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits that haven't been cooked over 105 degrees.

S.A.D. eating?  Standard American Diet!

This blog is for me to post my progress, share recipes and answer questions.  Welcome!